AM Healing My Soul TV

A Wholesome and Positive Approach to Wellbeing after Any Loss

Welcome to the official AM Healing My Soul TV Page. During 2018 we emerged from our “grief” theme and are now focusing our efforts towards healthy and wholesome approaches to creating a life of wellbeing, no matter what has happened in your life. AM Healing My Soul TV is adjoined with Vicki McClifty Coaching, which celebrates the appreciation of life, yet no matter what. Vicki McClifty Coaching guides you to dig deep and appreciate what you have in your life; to tune into yourself, to what makes you happy. During 2018 on AM Healing My Soul TV, Vicki McClifty Coaching will provide simple techniques which help you focus on what makes you happy. We will also be interviewing various health related modalities which can help you in releasing emotions which hold you back from living a life filled with joy. If you would like to be kept up to date on these interviews, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out Vicki McClifty Coaching on Facebook:

For those of you who are still processing your grief, please feel free to check out interviews through 2017 to help support your needs.

On this page you can expect to see some great one on one, group and panel style interviews. In 2017 we explored many topics around grief, healing, personal growth and much more.

We aim to make this channel something you can use as both a learning tool and a reference guide. You can always look back at past episodes directly on this website or on our YouTube Channel. To keep up to date with the latest episodes please subscribe to our YouTube, Facebook and Mailing List.