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No matter what you have experienced, you will find joy again with Vicki McClifty Coaching!

You are the most important person in your life, so now is the time to put yourself first to create the life you desire. Look at coaching as an investment in yourself, rather than an expense, as the value you receive far outweighs the investment. For you to achieve the best result, an investment of time and commitment on your behalf will be necessary for you to succeed. Would you like to wake up every morning and feel the excitement and anticipation of the new day ahead? Vicki McClifty Coaching can show you simple and quick steps to help you embark upon your very own happiness trail.

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To speak with me about how we can work together on achieving your goals in creating a life filled with love, trust and joy.

To explore the processes which renew your passion and purpose.

To schedule a time for a chat so we can work together to choose what best suits your needs.

The Viktorius Future “Artistry” Package – $1,199 (12) Private 1-hr sessions includes + 2 free sessions:

A regular weekly coaching session – This is my clients’ preferred choice. This package provides the necessary techniques for transformation. Learn what makes you tick! $999 if paid in full*.

Life Artistry Boutique Session may just suit you best. This is a cost effective and a great way to make significant positive holistic changes to your life within a small supportive group for only $49 per session (subject to availability). Essential Oils are used in this group. Minimum number 4 people per session for Brisbane / Gold Coast residents only. Please contact me for details.

Life Artistry Private session Pay as you go: First session $150 (90 mins); Following sessions: $99 per session (60 mins), either in person, telephone or on-line.

No matter what you have experienced, now is your time to create happiness … you have the power … you deserve to be happy, so let’s connect!

*Full payments must be received in advance or can be paid in instalments prior to the sessions.