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Stepping Outside Grief - Email Course

Welcome to AM Healing My Soul Life Coaching and my “Stepping Outside Grief” course. I’m Vicki McClifty, a Law of Attraction Coach and Kinesiologist, The loss of my son in 2012 led me into developing a course which will support and guide you through the early stages of grief. Let me guide you back to your true heart connection.

Often when you are suffering grief it is so very difficult to find your way through the heavy emotional shroud that envelopes you. AM Healing My Soul Life Coaching is here to guide and nurture you, when you are at that stage where you wish to move forward, yet feel stuck and unable to shift your energy. This course will help you focus on a more positive future without diminishing in any way the memory of your loved one.

This is a gentle and easy step-by-step guide on how to move in a positive direction to find solace in your life after your loss.

The course offers the following:

  1. Introduction to Stepping Outside Grief plus joining the “Stepping Outside     Grief” Secret Facebook Group – I highly recommend to check into my Secret Facebook Group for daily support within the community to share your questions and results whilst doing the course. This community will be ongoing support for you when the course is completed.
  1. Mindfulness: the benefits of meditation, information and a recorded meditation for you.
  1. The Masks of Grief; Discussing the Law of Attraction; Writing your Life Purpose Statement plus four exercises for you to work through.
  1. Good Feeling Processes. How to practice effective visualisation; Mind Movies; The importance of repetition to achieve the desired result.

I cannot promise you that this course will cure your grief which is definitely an ongoing process, but I can guarantee that if you practice and complete the given exercises within this course, you will be on the path to healing and living a more positive life.

Please remember, I have been where you are right now. I know this process will help you, as it has helped me. Grief is a different experience for everyone. Importantly, remember to be patient and be kind to yourself.

I look forward to guiding you through the early stages and stepping outside grief.


Vicki McClifty

AM Healing My Soul Life Coaching

Stepping Outside Grief

  • Instant access to our "Stepping Outside Grief" Email Course. Over 4 weeks we will guide you through the grief process and be there to support you via our private Facebook group.
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