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Happiness Breeds Productivity = Success

Do you want to cultivate an enthusiastic and positive work environment amongst your employees, develop better co-worker relationships, build self-esteem and confidence within each employee to enhance their work capabilities? Would you like to build confident and compassionate Team leaders and increase productivity? Be Abundant & Unbreakable Workshops and/or group sessions with Vicki McClifty Coaching will bring you the results you desire for your business. There have been many studies which have concluded that happy employees are more productive, as referenced in the following links:

(i.e. Happiness Breeds Productivity; New Study Shows we work harder when we are happy)

Speaking from my own past experiences, I worked with many businesses in which unhappy employees struck discord with co-workers due to personal grievances, which created overall discomfort for everyone throughout the work environment. So too, many lost hours were spent sharing experiences with depressed colleagues who were experiencing grief, trauma and anxiety who became incapable of concentrating on work tasks. This subsequently resulted in some employees being overloaded with the extra work delegated to them because of their distraught colleagues. After many coffee breaks and sick leave entitlements, the cycle continued throughout each personal crisis. Consequently, several good hardworking employees lost enthusiasm for their job and decided to move on to other workplaces. Similarly, clientele numbers declined due to slow response rates and the negative feedback they experienced.

Within your business there may be a few dedicated employees who quietly suffer anxiety and low self-esteem issues, and thus tend to be overlooked for promotion. Sadly, their knowledge and vision will remain undiscovered. New opportunities for your business may be lost due to a lack of foresight which those employees may have offered you, if they had only had the confidence to share their knowledge.

How can our Be Abundant & Be Unbreakable Workshops and/or Vicki McClifty’s Viktorius Living Boutique Group Coaching assist your organisation?

  • Employees will uncover any old belief systems have been holding them back from achieving and taking inspired action and will learn to create new unlimited beliefs which allows them to focus on taking inspired action in their personal lives and within their workplace. Confidence and self-esteem issues will be addressed and often dissipate through doing the work entailed in the process.
  • Employees learn how to clear the clutter and gain clarity. This too will enhance work productivity by giving employees a simple system to prioritise their workload. This will reduce procrastination amongst employees as their focus shifts to what really needs to be achieved during their work day. Time will be allocated to “doing” the tasks at hand.
  • Learn Visualisation – Many people in this world today have forgotten how to dream of a better future. Learning the techniques to visualise, to create goals of a better future within their workplace and relationships will give employees a more positive holistic view of their life. When people cannot visualise a future of any kind, they are stuck, depressed, anxious and cannot be motivated to work or even foresee a positive outcome. Depression, anxiety and grief can be a major cause of illness and absenteeism amongst your employees. This too can negatively affect the hardworking co-workers within their group who feel overwhelmed with extra tasks delegated to them in their colleague’s absence. Unfortunately, this can also result in a decline in productivity.
  • Learn how to build affirmations for each employee, depending upon their current personal and/or workplace situation. Your employees will learn to shift focus onto themselves and not others in order to recognise their own abilities, strengths, desires etc. This will create an abundant mindset. We all like to compare ourselves with others and at times fail to recognise this may block us in developing our own skills and self confidence. Affirmations will create a positive mindset amongst employees. They can be designed for increasing clientele plus productivity within your workplace. Nothing works better than a group of people who feel good about themselves and are happy to be working within a positive environment.
  • Learn how to meditate and incorporate this life-enhancing process within the work environment and at home. This enables greater focus on what needs to be achieved within the workplace and helps create a positive “feel good” environment in which employees will enjoy. Building a higher energy amongst your employees will increase work productivity tenfold and decrease stress levels.
  • The Prosperity Game process. This fun process will create feelings of abundance which is invaluable within the workplace and private life. If all your employees are feeling and attracting abundance in their lives, imagine how productivity within the workplace would be increased?

Result? Expect them to exceed all expectations! Happiness breeds Productivity = Success!

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Let us participate in creating a happier World!


Vicki McClifty

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